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Steve Manser

Steve Manser

Head of Marketing, DCUK
Steve has always been interested in why people behave in certain ways. In other words, being very nosey about what people are buying and why. Affectionately dubbing his interest ‘CSI Marketing’, he quickly discovered it was actually a mix of behavioural science, profiling, psychology and sociology. After starting out being paid to play with LEGO, Steve spent over 15 years in advertising and marketing agencies working across many large brands as part of creative and client services teams. He also tiptoed his way around the risk and compliance-heavy world of financial services marketing whilst at SunLife, the forward-thinking over 50s brand, for three years. Then, just after the start of the global pandemic, he joined the team at The Original Wooden Duck Company (DCUK) – keen to help take the brand to the next level.
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