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28 Dec 2023

Forecasting fashion at Spring Fair 2024

Forecasting fashion at Spring Fair 2024

The world of fashion is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, and for businesses in the Clothing & Footwear sector, understanding the market and staying attuned to consumer trends are vital for success. As the world embraces a new era, defined by diverse fashion influences, shifting values, and technological advancements, the coming years hold a promise of continuous growth and innovation.  

With more than 200 exhibitors showcasing their diverse product range to over 35,000 buyers across all sectors Spring Fair’s fashion destination, Moda is set to continue its legacy as the trusted destination for fashion buyers this coming season.,


Spotlighting the Clothing & Footwear market

The global apparel market is predicted to show continuous growth in the upcoming years. Research by GlobalData predicts that even though there’s a growing interest in streetwear and sportwear, the growth of the menswear apparel and  womenswear will continue generating higher revenue than menswear and childrenswear combined. As consumers return to the office, greater numbers of brands are moving into new categories as they focus  on creating collections that straddle career clothing and comfort.


Consumer trends

Keeping up with the latest consumer trends is a non-negotiable aspect of success in the clothing sector. According to McKinsey, in 2024 consumers will show a shift in values. This includes increased travel which will influence shopping priorities, and an interest in creative influencers.

It’s no surprise that people will continue prioritising sustainability, pushing the industry towards eco-friendly practices. Brands who choose to incorporate ethical and environmentally conscious processes into their production will see heightened consumer favour.

As we evolve into the era of fast-paced technology, brands can expect consumers to seek innovative products like smart clothing and wearables, blending functionality with style. The year 2024 will be an era of uniqueness, as people seek personalised and unique clothing items that reflect their individuality. Brands offering customisable options or limited-edition releases cater to this desire for personal expression.


Exhibitors at Spring Fair

We are thrilled to announce that Moda, fashion’s trusted destination will see a great number of Clothing & Footwear brands at Spring Fair 2024. Exhibitors such as Goose Island will return alongside Jessica Graaf and Saloos showcasing their on-trend products for the next season. Excitingly, new brands, such as Lona Scott and EMU Australia will also make their debut, promising an innovative product range mirroring the current fashion and consumer trends. 


Inspiring Retail Stage

To provide the most fashion forward experience, Spring Fair will host several Catwalk shows at the Inspiring Retail Stage in Moda- Hall 2. On the first day the catwalk shows will be held at 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 3:30 PM. These vibrant fashion showcases, promise to inspire everyone with a glimpse of the coming season's newest collections, helping you to stay ahead of the curve.


The captivating excitement generated by the exhibition has led numerous enterprises to reserve their spot within our venue, resulting in a list of exclusive and sought after brands at our upcoming event. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore, interact with, and immerse themselves in thousands of the latest products in each sector - Home, Gift, Moda, and Everyday - and fourteen distinct categories. The strategically organized exhibition layout, ensures a streamlined experience for buyers, reducing the time spent searching for suppliers and products and maximizing the time spent engaging with them. Join us and be part of the retail event of the season! 

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