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VaporLinQ Blasts

  • VaporLinQ Blasts
  • VaporLinQ Blasts
VaporLinQ Blasts VaporLinQ Blasts

One of VaporLinQ’s latest products is the new Blasts nicotine pouches. This is a modern tobacco-free experience that produces no smoke, no vapor, no odour, meaning users can enjoy this product anywhere, any time. Whether your indoors, outdoors, or even travelling this product provides users with a nicotine dose without affecting those around them. This product is currently available in five flavours and each container comes with 20 pouches. VaporLinQ Blasts come in two strengths: Medium 8mg nic salts and Strong 16mg nic salts.

How does it work?
1) Place one of the nicotine pouches under your lip.
2) You will begin to feel a tingling sensation.
3) Enjoy for up to 60 mins
4) Then dispose of the used nicotine pouch in the top compartment or in the bin.


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