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"Space Spaghetti Hoop" - Jeremy Jones

London-based Jeremy Jones started drawing from a young age, copying the characters from Beano and other comics, as well as cartoons from shows such as The Simpsons.

This creative interest developed further toward graffiti and lowbrow art which was driven by his newly discovered passion for skateboarding around age 10. These two passions would intertwine and form Jeremy’s creativity. To this day, Jeremy is equally dedicated to his art as his skateboarding, with one feeding into the other.

In "Space Spaghetti Hoop" the carefree nature of the character adds a light-hearted feel to the piece as she swings her legs in a whimsical fashion amongst the energetic background. Fuschia’s mixed with sea greens create the foundation of this unknown intergalactic dimension, an intensely interesting scene for our character to be found in.


  • Him
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  • Couples
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  • Children
  • Wall Art
  • Home Improvements
  • £250 - £499
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