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Soap Daddy Style

  • Soap Daddy Style
  • Soap Daddy Style
Soap Daddy Style Soap Daddy Style

Soap Daddy Style has landed. A translucent design provides the option for colourful detergents to decorate your sink-side, and fit your kitchen decor!

As we see a rise in reusable alternatives to plastics across the world, it’s time to start thinking about your washing up bottle. Think about how many bottles a household will go through a year and then where they end up. Soap Daddy is the solution to the problem! Not only are there more and more refill stations popping up in eco shops across the country but companies producing washing up liquid and hand soap and now offering it in a refillable bag. Refill your Scrub Daddy Dispenser from bags, and hugely reduce the number of plastic bottles in your home.

Fill with your favourite washing up liquid and enjoy two ways to dispense soap! Press the top to apply soap directly onto your sponge or squeeze to dispense from the bottom. Perfect for tall pots, pans and even hands.


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