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"Cote D’azure" - Johnny Popkess

Johnny Popkess is a contemporary figurative artist whose work features in private collections and fine art galleries around the world. From isolated, exotic lands to the centre of a city filled with art and prestigious galleries within walking distance. Johnny Popkess uses his life experiences and inspiration to portray the human form the way it should be seen, in its truest beauty. Johnny Popkess works in a Figurative Pop Art style. The artistic process of Popkess encompasses his deep appreciation for beauty in its truest form, free of any illusions. Painting exclusively using the finest hand-blended pigments, mixing them with oils and using stretched linen as a surface; his technique is reminiscent of the old master artists. His work draws inspiration from his personal search for true beauty and his fascination with blemished beauty. His work also shows influences from the work of the French painter Gustave Caillebotte. "Cote D'azure" is a figurative work of a man standing, glancing over his left shoulder, whilst leaning against the promenade wall that skirts the coast between Monaco and Cannes. He wears a striped tie around his waist. Painted on a professionally stretched, fine-textured linen canvas using the finest Old Holland oils and mediums and finished with a light satin varnish.


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  • £500 - £999
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