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Classical Bookends and Ornaments

  • Classical Bookends and Ornaments
  • Classical Bookends and Ornaments
Classical Bookends and Ornaments Classical Bookends and Ornaments

Classical and Ornamental and Life Size

consists of a very popultar range of Ornametal sculptures taken from history and new sculpts like our range of life size portrait busts.  

Please vist our website www.modernsouvenir.com for our large range of popular and charming features.

Our other ranges are:

Landmarks: Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court, Royal Crescent Bath, Big Ben, Wellington Arch, St.Paul's Cathedral.

Egyption Collection: Pharaohs & Queens, Animal Deities, Egyptian Plaques, Egyptian Bookends.

Animal Collection: Elegance Cats, Egyptian Cats, Brezeska Dogs, Arlington Dogs, Moon Gazing Hare, Dolphin, Owl.

Bookends Collection: Famous Faces Bookends, Classical Bookends, Egyptian Bookends, Telephone/Post Box Bookends, Architectural Bookends.

Female Form: Doson Nude, Clytie.

Plaques Collection: For Ages of Man, Day and Night, Angle of Annunciation, St.Cecilia, Head of Leda, Birds of Papyros,Pallete of King Narmer, Apis the Bull, The Green Man, Prportions of Man, Ladder of Angekls, Magna Carta, Jane Austen Tree Hanging.

Paper Weights: Corinthian Paperweight, Tudor Rose Paperweight, Classical Foot Paperweight,

Classical Collection: Ornaments and bookends of classical origin.

Remembrance: War Memorial, Tree Hangings, Famous Faces and Bookends with a connection to remembering those fallen in the wars.

Spiritual: Plaques and Ornaments with a spiritual connection

Life Size Portrait Busts: Jane Austen, Mary Queen of Scots, Alfred Hitchcock, Ernest Shackleton, Emeline Pankhurst, Queen Victoria, Virinia Wolf.

Jane Austen: A collection of all Jane Austen items we produce.

Everything we produce is hand made of English Plaster and supplied in sustainable packaging, consisting of an outer card sleeve around the protective box. The item itself is safely wrapped in shredded card.


Contact details:

For further information please call on during office hours 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday on: 

+44 (0)1225 311 664

+44 (0)1225 833 366

or email on: 






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