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05 Jan 2023

New Online Training Portal

Studex UK Ltd Hall: Halls 2, 3+3a Stand: 2K47
New Online Training Portal

At Studex we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new online training portal which is exclusive to our Piercing Partners. The launch of our portal in addition to in person training aims to support our customers that one step further. Training can involve taking in a lot of information all at once which is why we have created the online portal to help learners enhance their training experience. This new addition means that customers can refer back to information and knowledge at any time after the training and can now reassure customers that they will have the knowledge readily available when needed or if unsure about anything. At Studex we like to provide our Partners with both confidence and competence to ensure a real successful service.

Our amazing new learning asset consists of seven training modules which cover a brand overview of Studex, a preparation for piercing segment, the benefits of using our world-renowned System 75, the importance of aftercare, piercing best practices, trouble shooting and key selling tips to provide our customers with everything they need to promote and practice a safe and successful piercing service. The modules are all based around System 75 our hand pressured instrument and one of our most popular systems. Our training portal features a mixture of video content as well as written, each module ending with a knowledge check to help users revise their knowledge.

Where face to face training remains at the heart of our service, our training portal has been designed with our customers learning styles in mind as we understand that everyone learns differently. Some individuals are very hands on, whereas others prefer to watch, listen, or read and learn. By having our onsite training in addition to our online training portal means we have a tailored approach to our learning path and shows how we have adapted to meet the needs of our customers. Once a purchase of a System 75 starter kit has been made and onsite training has been booked a link will be sent that will allow access to our fantastic training portal. By completing the online training before the onsite training with our regional trainers, this will allow customers to go over the information at their own pace and take it in. They will then have the chance to ask their regional trainer any questions they may have, making the most of the face-to-face training. If you have any questions regarding the portal or our piercing starter kits, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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