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18 Dec 2023


Glowsyou Women’s Fashion Hall: Halls 2, 3+3a Stand: 2E32
My Product

I’m Nataliia Boichenko, designer originally from Ukraine and the founder of “GLOWSYOU Women’s Fashion”


In established business specializing in design, production, selling and supplying stunning women dresses and other outfits to outlets in my native country.
Due to the war, one thing all this upheaval has taught me is that no matter where I am in the world, my love for designing and making stunning, sophisticated occasion wear that makes women feel utterly fabulous will never die. I just adore seeing that inner glow of confidence that a truly gorgeous, beautifully tailored piece gifts to any woman.
I have therefore decided to offer my designer collection to a British and Western European audience, and so far I’ve been delighted with how well received my designs have been. Lots of great feedback, with many people saying they are staggered at the cut, and the quality of the garments. Also each piece is made to not just look and feel outstanding, but also to be easy and comfortable to wear, something I believe is very important. After all, my designs are as much about how they make you feel, as how they make youmlook.
I’m donating part of the profits from my business to help the soldiers and civilians who are being so badly affected by the war in Ukraine.
As GLOWSYOU establishes itself in UK, “I invite you to explore and enjoy my collection, crafted with passion and dedication”.

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