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04 Feb 2022


The Art Company Hall: Halls 2, 3+3a Stand: 2D18

With that said, I'll now present the new collection.

This season's collection is a perfect blend of comfort and sensuality, easy to use, to wear, and to combine with our day to day style.

Each piece is timeless, a combination of know-how and beauty in design, basic forms and pure lines acquire prominence. So, what's the result? Timeless models of utmost quality, forming beauty with a combination of material, shape and colour.



The designs are inspired by classical designs of our past. The objective is to create a feeling of nostalgia and comfort in anyone who wears them. The designs are based on a search for beauty in simple forms, transformed into long-lasting and versatile models, always using top quality material.


This collection includes pieces of footwear which are largely monochromatic, with shades that are warm and welcoming, mixed with the soft tones of cream and urban grey, like sesame. Warm tones like mustard, or russet, which embraces shades of red clay and chestnut brown. And obviously, the versatile colour black, always elegant and sober.



Comfort has gone one step beyond in this collection. Greater flexiblility, lighter and with a more efficient design.

Their SoftLight soles and insoles are removables, made with an ultralight material that provides flexibility, durability and lightness. Above all, they reduce the fatigue we feel in our feet. They're absolutely delightful!

Besides this, we've chosen to create our shoes with soft leather and padded material, so that the shoe completely adapts to the shape of our foot. Some are soft and delicate, like nobuck, warm, like suede, or padded, like the padded nylon we use, all available in matte finish. Comfort and snugness with a sensual design, which, together with other noble materials like natural tinted wood, provide the finest quality and distinction, or our recycled fleece linings which offer warmth and sustainability.

We are sure that this elegant collection will become part of our day to day style.

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