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Amit Leather

Amit Leather

Hall: Hall 7-6-20-19 Stand: 7A62

Leather is our legacy and a craft we cherish since 1965.We specialize in export of genuine leather goods and components with superior quality for all footwear and accessories.

Leather & More…

Although we specialize in Leather, we INNOVATE as well with other materials to make Shoe Durable, Long Lasting and
in Trend with the latest Fashion.

Our Upper are usually carved out using Goat, Sheep or Buffalo Leather and the soles are coupled on Bark Leather,
Rubber or TPR as per requirement.

Customised Creativity

We have a Large Variety of Footwear Designs in our inventory which are ready to be Produced on-Demand.
We encourage customisation of different Uppers and Lowers to suit your or your client’s exact requirement.
We customise every creative addition like Traditional Leather Strap Weaving, Beads & Embroidery, Macramé and Crystal Sudding



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