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Should you have any further queries that this website hasn't addressed then please contact one of the Moda team:



Sarah MoodyModa Woman
Sarah Moody
Event Director

M: 07836 255997
E: sarah@moda-uk.co.uk


Jamie HardenModa Gent & Select
Jamie Harden
Event Director

M: 07795 677533
E: Jamie@moda-uk.co.uk


Penny RobinsonModa Lingerie & Swimwear 
Penny Robinson
Event Director

M: 07718 780881 


Sean O'ConnorModa Footwear & Select
Sean O’Connor
Event Director

M: 07917 628973
E: sean@modafootwear.co.uk


imageModa Accessories
Silvia Collins
Event Manager

M: 07720 591596
E: silvia@moda-uk.co.uk



Nick CookCommercial
Nick Cook
Portfolio Director

T: 01484 848322
E: nick@moda-uk.co.uk

Stephanie ParkerMarketing
Stephanie Parker
Marketing Director

T: 01484 848317
E: stephanie@moda-uk.co.uk

Katherine JamesMarketing & PR
Katherine James
Senior Marketing Manager

T: 01484 848328
E: katherine.james@moda-uk.co.uk


Laura MartindaleAdministration
Laura Martindale
Marketing Administrator

T: 01484 848329
E. laura.martindale@ite-exhibitions.com


Terryanne DysonOperations
Terryanne Dyson
Operations Manager

T: 01484 848325
E: terryanne@moda-uk.co.uk

Robb Harrop

Data & CRM 
Robb Harrop
Data & CRM Manager

T: 01484 848333
E. robb.harrop@ite-exhibitions.com


Racahel Henry headshotAdministration
Rachael Henry
Event Administrator

T: 01484 848327
E. rachael.henry@ite-exhibitions.com

nicole yatesAdministration
Nicole Yates
Event Administrator

T: 01484 848332
E. nicole.yates@moda-uk.co.uk



10 - 12 August 2014

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Moda Woman
Moda Gent
Moda Footwear
Moda Lingerie & Swimwear
Moda Accessories
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Opening Times

Moda A/W 2015: 15-17 February 2015