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Bucking Good

08 Jan 2016

Goodwin Smith announces the arrival of Bucking Good Shoes.


Based in Stacksteads, Lancashire, Goodwin Smith specialises in classic men's shoes with contemporary designs offering at competitive prices, from £80. Recently Goodwin Smith has introduced Bucking Good Shoes to the ladies, mirroring the high quality and classic designs of the men’s collection. Also added to the collection are tweed jackets, waistcoats, socks, jumpers, scarves and leather accessories.


Goodwin Smith has a unique history, which started one night in a Lancashire pub way back in 1928. Two rival British shoemakers stood face to face, arguing about which of them could make the better shoe – Ernie Goodwin, and Walter Smith. They came from different backgrounds and were totally different people, but they each shared the same goals, a passion for making quality footwear and a good night out.

Ernie Goodwin was a footballer for Manchester City, but one day, he put his ambition, his drive for perfection and his little bit of swagger into something different: making shoes. So too did Walter Smith, with his street smart skills acquired in the coal mines of the North and his determination to make it to the top of the shoemaking industry. After that passionate argument in the pub, Goodwin and Smith joined forces to create ‘The Bacup Shoe Company’.

Nearly one hundred years later, nothing much has changed. The Bacup Shoe Company is still owned and run by the same family. And they are still making quality footwear. Under Tim Smith’s leadership, a contestant on Dragons Den, the company has developed the ‘Goodwin Smith’ brand to celebrate the two founder’s intriguing characters. Like Ernie and Walter, Goodwin Smith represents the epitome of the modern man who likes to work hard and play very hard.


The brand is aimed at men aged 21-45 that live in the city and enjoy a good night out. The marketing is quite unique, portraying a fun and cheeky tone on social with over 50k followers in total. Goodwin Smith has quickly attracted a healthy online following, with a number of high profile celebrities and sportsmen wearing their shoes and commenting on the quality.


“The response to the brand has been unbelievable” commented Tim Smith, Managing Director.


“We are now in over 200 stores across the UK and Ireland and the interest we received at the recent MODA Show and also daily online is incredible.”


For more information about Goodwin Smith and their Bucking Good Shoes please visit www.GoodwinSmith.co.uk

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