07 - 09 August 2016
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Brook Taverner

17 Jun 2016

Brook Taverner returned to Moda Gent   8 seasons ago after a lapse of several seasons.

Roger Meeke , Retail Sales Director commented “ we were looking for an environment where we could showcase what we were doing to both new and existing customers , Moda fitted the bill perfectly”.

Brook Taverner is a long established brand – it was founded back in 1912 when Mr Brook and Mr Taverner met on a boat sailing to Calcutta, and decided to set up in business together when they returned to Huddersfield.

Today Brook Taverner is based in Keighley, West Yorkshire in 180,000 square foot warehouse and head office function.

“We are very proud of our Yorkshire heritage and roots , in this global market we still try and use Yorkshire fabrics where possible – we have a very close relationship with Moons and we have worked on a  number of collaborations with them with great success “.

The ever changing retail market has seen Brook Taverner develop different routes to market.in addition to supplying around 1,000 wholesale customers in the UK and Ireland there is also a very successful concession and mail order business.

“Our concessions give us immediate feedback on what’s working, which helps us to react much more quickly and keeps us closer to the market “.

Brook Taverner has always been known for its tailored jacket and suit ranges, but today the offer is far more comprehensive.

“Over the last nine or ten years we have branched out into a full lifestyle offer with a comprehensive range of casualwear -shirts, knitwear , trousers  and casual jackets complete the offer.

We have carried out a lot of work on our blocks for our tailored garments. Our three fits are now – Classic, Tailored and Fashion which have been very well received by our customers and helped to update our image.

The majority of the ranges are run under the Brook Taverner label with the more fashionable, Italian inspired fabrics and designs being used in our Signature collection.

Roger Meeke commented “ Moda Gent is a very important date in our  is a great opportunity for retailers old and new to come along and view what we are doing in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere

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