Collection report AW15

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21 Jan 2015

MEYER - collection AW15

· Top fashion theme: 3D-Structures and Micro-Dessins in Cotton and wool
· Heavier weights with soft touch in cotton, denim and also woolen fabrics
· Prints in all varieties: multi-coloured, vintage prints, on top or reverse side
· Material-Mix and two-tone applications are still very much in fashion
· Wintry woollooks made of soft cotton fabrics as modern alternative to poly/wool trousers
· Super-Stretch fabrics in Denim & Cotton providing great comfort
· ARIZONA-S: New slim 5 pocket with extra strong seams out of thick yarn
· Also in this collection: MEYER trousers are certified with the international FAIRTRADE label
· MEYER trousers are manufactured in our own European production

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