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Jupiter Jackets & Coats

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Jupiter Jackets & Coats
23 Dec 2015

"Smart Casual" is the headline of the Jupiter collection fall/winter 2016.

The styles are slim and fitted, however not suffering a lack of convenience. The cut and silhouette are significant for a fashionable style and a contemporary look. Touch and appearance of the fabrics are winterly warm, soft and cozy, but still comprehensive and masculine. Next to new fabrics Jupiter reverts to classic materials - newly interpreted and surprising.

The shape of the quilted sports jacket, the open-edge blouson and the modern short coat is slim. These styles score with the lightness and comfort of the stretchy upper fabric. On top goes a winterly warm short jacket in striking padding with down-like filling. The making is of high quality due to cell-stuffed quilting. 

All jackets out of the "Ultra Light" range communicate a sense of airiness. A low gloss minimal print offers fascinating looks. Waddings combined with most decorative stitching result in lightweight and easy quilt jackets. Matt-finish granular fabrics are used on parkas and between-length jackets, which protect from chilly temperatures with cell-wadding. Hoods are of course  detachable.

Wool becomes an important topic. Jupiter offers plain woolen fabrics next to structured wool in grey/black patterns used on fitted coats and a modern reefer jacket. A unique issue is a woolen fabric resembling knitwear. These styles will certainly rank among the fashion highlights.

"Technowool" provides supreme wearing comfort in wool-like appearance. A "jacko" type and a waistcoat are most suitables styles to go with this fabric. Our well-proven Supremo fabric comes along in combination with matt-finished nylon. Other technical fabrics join the collection like  "modern memory" with most wearable and convenient jackets and a short coat.

Not to neglect functional styles coming along with a " wind-and therocontrol" membrane used on rather clean and sporty styles as well as waterproof jackets in different fabrics.

"NappaVintage"  a new leather like look suits the collection perfectly- giving a rugged and masculine touch to a blouson and a long jacket.     

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