Hot in the City: Heat makes us happy as long as our shoes are cool!

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Hot in the City: Heat makes us happy as long as our shoes are cool!
25 Jun 2015

The Superfit brand

For roughly 60 years, the Austrian brand Superfit has been assuming “big responsibility for your feet”. The company is a long-standing European market leader in the field of children’s shoes. Every year, approx. 4 million pairs are manufactured and sold in over 40 countries worldwide. Twice a year, two collections are launched, each comprising roughly 130 models and over 500 colour options. The Superfit brand is a property of Legero Schuhfabrik GesmbH headquartered in Graz (Styria).


“We continue to follow our credo: high-quality shoes combined with a fair and stable pricing system, and dealers respect us for this. The sales figures for the first quarter of 2015, which show clearly that our dealers were very successful in selling Superfit products, allow us to face the new season with confidence”, as Rudolf Hampl, managing director of Superfit, states with conviction.          


Superfit Spring/Summer Collection 2016:

Graz, June 2015 - The Spring/Summer 2016 Collection reflects the motto “We have the right shoes for all needs of children and for any weather condition of the spring/summer season”, no matter whether early, late or high season. The multifaceted new collection is composed of the four central themes:


Hot in the City: Heat makes us happy as long as our shoes are cool!

  • Street Sport – an early season story
  • Casual Cool – a spring story
  • Pastel Pretty – a spring/summer story for girls
  • Heat Happy – a high summer story

“Street Sport”: In the early season story boys and girls need weather resistant und sporty shoes, which accompany them at every outdoor fun and each sport activity in the still chilly air.

“Casual Cool”: A spring story starts, when the first flowers blossom and the sun warms the city. Now girls and boys need to dress up - like adults - for leaving their houses and having fun with their friends. Being cool and chic, that´s all that counts now.

“Pastel Pretty”: A spring/summer story for girls is always about princesses in lovely dresses and princes on white horses, that´s why their shoes need to be pretty and romantic too. Ballerinas, Mary Janes und sandals are sweet like candy or ice cream.

“Heat Happy”: A high summer story is about the sea, the beach and the many pleasures of a really hot summer – boys and girls love to wade the knee-deep water and to dig in the sand. Life is easy on holiday and the shoes should keep us cool and simplify our life.

Many models will again feature the time-tried GORE-TEX® SURROUNDTM technology: the air-permeable, breathable SURROUNDTM models are perfect for kids, since 30% of the sole is open, thus reducing sweating to an absolute minimum. 

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