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30 Jun 2015

The new hattric collection: as charming and irresistible as a weekend on the Riviera.

The grey of the mystical cliffs, the green of the Ligurian landscape, the clear blue of the water, the silver of the waves sparkling in the sun, the beige of the sandy beaches, and the warm interplay of colours from the colourful fisherman’s cottages – all of this is reflected in the hattric season F/S 2016.




Fresh prints in warm and natural tones, fresh aqua and deep navy create an exciting contrast to the clear colours of the light sporty textures in the blended look. Pima cotton captivates with its summery lightweight feel in both warm, rich tones as well as earthy, cool and muted colours. A particular highlight is the pigmented corduroy with its ribbed texture that is both refined and sporty. The effect of its particular look and the sporty statement are perfectly complemented by the wide variety of "sun-faded" colours.


Besides dark blue, stone blue and bleached blue, grey tones are also an established colour in the denim range; and elegant black rounds off the colour palette. There is a variety of washes, from relaxed and clean to moonwash effects, right through to elaborate bleaches.

Jogg denims unite the comfort of jersey and the look of jeans – authentic and relaxed. The range of its ability is demonstrated in jogging Bermudas, 5-pocket with narrow leg and relaxed drawstring waist with elaborate washed-out look. Blue, blue-black and grey in long as well as blue and bleached blue in Bermuda style are the colours of choice here.

Bermuda shorts

Garment dyed Bermuda shorts impress in plain and flower print and create a harmonious unity with cargo Bermuda shorts and cargo capris made from lightweight poplin that play with subtle colour contrasts. The printed gabardine used for chino Bermuda shorts underlines the stylish statement of the current collection. The Bermuda shorts in jogg denim have a similarly attractive yet comfortable appearance with their summery wash. In a flash, the narrow 5-pocket Bermuda shorts take on a new look by turning up the printed seam.  


The features are emphasised this season through lively, warm yellow and energetic red tones. Pure, light beige, warm sand, and naturally harmonious khaki contrast with cool blue tones in their various gradients. The collection gains its relaxed look from solid basics such as elegant grey and discreet silver tones.



The basic styles are formed by the tried-and-tested fits Harper and Hunter (chino and 5-pocket with 40 cm foot width) as well as Hardy and Henry (5-pocket and flat front with 42 cm foot width). The 5-pocket Harris is the most modern of the group with 38 cm foot width for the fashionable ‘destroyed’ and ‘used’ washes as well as the modern chino Harvey, which also has a foot width of 38 cm.

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