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The Bye Bra

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25 Dec 2015

Created in 2011, Bye Bra™ is nowadays established as Europe’s leading producer and supplier of adhesive breast lift tapes. This innovative and unique product has revealed itself to be a rapidly increasing success on the continent, but has also spread all around the world, with an impressive range of retailers and distributors from New Zealand to France and from Greece to even Brazil.

The breast lift offers a new, practical alternative for women who want to avoid wearing a regular bra, whether because it might appear unaesthetic with some outfit or genuinely uncomfortable. By using the Bye Bra, they will be able to fully enjoy a gala, party or even wearing a simple tank top while fully embracing a sense of comfort and support. The lifting in itself is really easy to do when following the instructions and it always result as satisfaction for all Bye Bra users.

                Besides, the company is competently providing a variety of products that adequately fit every woman by producing the biggest breast lift cup size in the world (F-H). This distinctiveness clearly highlights the company’s concern to please every customer, in accordance to their needs. They can also experience the excellent quality of the Bye Bra. The tapes are made using the very best medical adhesive in cooperation with 3M and successfully tested by the SGS testing institute.  As the world’s best producer of medical adhesive, this cooperation confirms with certainty that this accessory is indeed of superior quality, as opposed to many defective counterfeits.

                Additionally, the company’s latest release, an adhesive dress tape especially effective in association with the already well known Bye Bra, has proven to be particularly convenient. It will ravish the customers by making sure that their revealing dresses or neckline are properly fixed to the chest. Thus avoiding indiscrete looks and allowing users to appreciate their outfit without concern.

                As a whole, women who have not already adopted the Bye Bra will be delighted to know that there is an easy and inventive solution to the inconvenience of a regular bra. They will joyfully try and love those adhesive tapes which are especially suited for them.


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