07 - 09 August 2016
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11 Jan 2016

FEEL IT, LOVE IT – FEEL the style, LOVE fashion.

Under the slogan “An Officer and a Gentleman” unique and distinctive outfits are presented. It’s a mix of a classy officer look and elegant gentleman style. The new collection is a statement of innovative styling and exclusivity.

The collection is split into the ranges ROYAL and BODY LINE. In this season the ROYAL segment will be completed by elegant uniform-like elements like fake epaulettes, divided sleeves, elegant ornamental seams and stitchings. BODY LINE attaches more importance to an innovative gentleman style styling: Restrained styles of this part of the collection are combined with bow ties, suspenders and boots.

Minimal is Maximal aka minimal textures are trendy

The uncontested trend for fabrics lies in minimal textures. The patterns become more restrained and the patterns with motifs are elegantly interrupted by plain parts so that the look gets artistic. The colour palette is still predominated by blue, however, especially black and various grey shades play an important part for the officer look. Together with black mocha remains the proven classic and is absolutely crucial for the range of colours.



Wiener Werkstätten (Vienna Workshop) aka artist style with geometric and abstract waistcoat patterns

TZIACCO excels with a new waistcoat theme, namely geometric and abstract patterns in the “Wiener Werkstätten“ style. This Viennese community of visual artists had its heyday around 1916 when WILVORST was founded. Therefore, the TZIACCO waistcoat collection pays tribute to the parent company WILVORST which will celebrate 100 years of existence in 2016. In addition to tone on tone versions and lighter ornamental waistcoats there are two-one effect colours in light blue and cream as a new colour segment which can be perfectly combined with all blue suits.

shirts, shoes, suspenders aka the perfect TZIACCO accessories

In this season TZIACCO presents itself for the first time with an “all-inclusive accessory package”. Trendy ankle boots in the classic Chelsea look are brandnew in the portfolio of the New Menswear. In addition to the well-approved shirt styles we developed a new shirt with a higher band and with particularly striking pointed cuffs which add a proper touch of elegance to any TZIACCO ROYAL outfit. Trendy suspenders in the gentleman look have also been included in the TZIACCO collection as well as a modified bow tie.

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