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04 Jul 2016

MAISONLEJABY’s creative team has come up with a lingerie collection for every occasion, consisting of five different themes: «The Iconics», «Spirit of the Moment»,

«Couture Spirit», «Elixir» and «Swimwear».

These original yet complementary collections, immortalised this summer in a private mansion, perfectly illustrate what chic Parisian women want to wear underneath their outer wardrobe: lingerie for living that reflects a certain mindset.



Classics for our time, our Nuage, Gaby and Crystal designs are timeless yet totally on trend in a range of new colours and complementary shapes.



5 lines bring summer to life at MAISONLEJABY, bringing a unique breath of fresh air to the brand while nurturing its established codes.

Cotonne-moi, natural fabric for natural beauty Insaisissable, a mysterious layered look Talisman, the distinctive heart tattoo

Baiser de Paris, the sexy city

Bohémienne Rhapsody, lingerie meets live rock

These five new lines are available in a subtly nuanced palette that explores

  • Whites that are not what they seem, from virginal to nuptial.

  • < >< >< >

    «Skin-tone» beige, from «flesh-tint»DivineOpaline to Porcelain or «figure-enhancing» Chiffon Voileand

«radiant» Savanna.



    This range, which features exclusively the Soie Belle line, is the very quintessence of high-end Maison Lejaby: daytime sets and night-time lingerie made from truly exceptional silk adorned with inset hand-cut Leavers lace motifs and trimmed with raw-cut tulle, one of MAISONLEJABY’s signature finishes.


    This summer’s versions of these timeless pieces come in garnet, ‘dark pearl’ grey and opaline.

    Introduction of the high-end universe of MAISONLEJABY, Oui Lejaby: the proposal of a wedding trousseau. Made of an exceptional Leavers lace and adorned with hand-stitched finishes.



    A collection that’s steeped in seduction and offers a cut and fit specially designed for the fuller bust, Elixir comes in three different lines:

    Atame: underwear with tie strings Délice: an indulgent invitation SoPi: new-wave seduction

    These three new lines also feature matching panelled slips, camisoles and shorts and garter belts for an elegantly sensual addition to your outfit.



    MAISONLEJABY offers «structured» swimwear with movie star glamour, to redefine the décolleté and highlight a woman’s figure. This summer, it is based on six colour themes. Swimwear is made up of nine lines including a beachwear range. Most lines   include

    «plus size» depending on the style, shape and model. Straight to the heart of the 6 colour themes.

    • < >< >< >< >< >< >These five MAISONLEJABY collections are all intended to provide a lingerie wardrobe for every occasion, designed to provide a solution for a woman’s every need and every desire, in every aspect of her life.



      They are designed for women who know that the art of seduction resides quite simply in being yourself

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