07 - 09 August 2016
NEC Birmingham

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L' Argentina Spring - Summer 2017

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25 Jul 2016


A modern and sporty woman who loves her luxury lifestyle, with every advantage of it. Exclusive holidays, fine dining in trendy restaurants, arts, shopping and sport is what keeps her going. She has a great love for Argentina and spends a lot of her spare time in Buenos Aires.

She likes to express who she is and where she stands for through fashion. With the extensive collections of L’Argentina, which are a mix of sports and casual with a feminine touch, she can really be herself!


This spring/summer collection of L’Argentina is inspired by the active and luxury life of the sophisticated woman with her love for Argentina. Every item of this collection provides comfort and has an excellent fit. We only select high quality materials for our collections what makes all items of distinctive class. With the use of sportive stripes, exclusive prints, a good eye for detail and an Argentinian touch in the luxury artworks, this collection marks itself as L’Argentina.

The stepped blazer has been a part of the core collection for years and has become a true essential. This season we succeed in improving and refreshing this blazer again, with the excellent fit, comfortable quality and a big selection of different colours. It is a real must have! This fashion item is easy to combine with all other items of our collection, like our fashionable dresses, nice blouses and basic tops!


This seasons colour palette, bright colours mixed with natural tones as white, sand and grey, will give you a summer feeling! We have divided the collection in five colour groups where soft yellow, honeydew, coral, rose and soft blue are mixed with these naturals.

The biggest and most important colour group for this season is the nautic group with the colours (navy, red and white). In this group all items are designed and chosen by colour, so they can be mixed and matched in a sportive but classic way!

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