Lemon Jelly SS16 Press Release

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Lemon Jelly SS16 Press Release
09 Aug 2015

Big Bang Badaboom Collection

The new collection for Summer 2016 starts in our Lemon Jelly lab!

Experimenting with nature geological rock formation and chemical reaction, you are in for a treat. Our scientists designers have mixed different solutions to bring you joy and elegance.

Check out what happens when the BIG BANG BADABOOM explodes, when 3D floral displays pop up on our shoes or when the purity of Emerald finds itself trapped in a pair of Lemon Jelly.

Colours are ranging within the natural hues Mother Nature has created and bold messages are certain to make a splash. You will find the usual suspect, from Ascot to Kelly, redesigned with these exploding themes and also new products such as the Riviera family.

So back to the Lab. Put your protective goggles on and your white lab coat. Things are going to get hot and messy!




Picture an explosion of all the best feelings in life. Then imagine picking pieces of it and squeezing them into a concentrate of wonder.  It will have friends, summer outings, winter days, laughs, countryside scents, sea sprinkles, hugs, beach parties and glamorous city nights. This is Lemon Jelly!

Designed, developed and produced in Portugal, Lemon Jelly is a high-tech product that relies on human feeling for the choice of materials and in the attention to details.  Lemon Jelly is colorful and reliable companion that will make your life easy jelly lemon squeezy.

This year Lemon Jelly was considered one of the TOP 8 brands by DRAPPERS Footwear Awards in Women’s Footwear Brand of the Year Category. It was also nominated for Best Innovation in Footwear.





Style comes with a BANG! Summer is no time for subtleties. Run to the shop for Amy, the most desired pop props.


With LJ, high heels are forever young. Fashion’s new hit is a classic remixed by technology. Carol is the girls night-out star.


The ultimate mood uplifting shoe coming from LJ labs. Ellen is not just a shoe, it’s a mix of joy and elegance you can wear.

Lemon is the all-mighty ingredient for happiness recipes, like Fiona. To wear them is to show the world that you really know how to squeeze the juice of life.


Lab experiments are a risky game. You never know what comes up. Out of boiling, poping and smoking came Miriam, a design no one could ever imagine... or resist.


The simplest sandal meets a crazy formula and BOOM! Color overload! With Kylie summer will never be the same again.

Olivia is the cool outcome of a crazy experiment: a shoe so magnetic that defies belief. Step on the coolest platform sandal ever and rise to the next fashion level.


To bend the rules is the mission of the true fashionista. Christie is the well-behaved shoe just went nuts. That’s creativity flourishing.


Inspired by real life but invented in our crazy labs. You have the right to remain young and wild. Billie is a reminder.


It’s like getting the feet wet on Tahiti water. This is Amelia, the essence of paradise reproduced in LJ wonder labs. Immerse yourself.

The ultimate sandal: ingrained with secret essences and a scent of lemon. Vivian is a tool for happiness on sunny days.


The addictive sandal with no side-effects. Miaki comes straight from LJ labs and is the new-age summer footwear. Comfy and irresistible.


Sweet and sexy: that’s LJ women and their essence is in this sandal. Stella wants to go along in that evening meeting with the friends.


Diane is the friendly girl everyone wants to meet. Unpretentious but unforgettable. It’s like a smile for your feet to wear.


It’s time to be free and spread happiness where you go. Sugar is an all-rounder bootie that goes well with a smile.


This lab is exploding with joy! Fun is your ticket to a world of colourful flowers and stylish girls. Come in, it’s jellylicious!

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