07 - 09 August 2016
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Swiss shoe manufacturer launches a global innovation

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Swiss shoe manufacturer launches a global innovation
20 Jul 2016

The Swiss comfort shoe manufacturer Joya launches a new rocker bottom shoe, where health promotion is in the foreground. A complex biomechanical construction imitates soft walking in the sand and offers particularly high walking comfort.

Roggwil, Switzerland, August 2015. Joya, an innovative shoe manufacturer from eastern Switzerland, in addition to its diverse collection, will present a truly global innovation in the spring of 2016, a soft rocker sole. Karl Müller, the inventor of Joya, reports: "We have developed a new kind of rocker technology to counter problems with the musculoskeletal system. The new "activator" built into the rocker sole supports the natural motion sequence to an increased extent." The heart of the sole is described as the "activator", a soft wedge made of polyurethane which you roll over when walking. This motion sequence imitates walking barefoot in the sand, supports the arch of the foot and promotes an active straightening of the body due to balancing. "In addition, the extremely soft, shock-absorbing sinking into the ultra-soft sole in the heel and forefoot area can protect the joints and back," continues Müller.

The young company very quickly made a name for itself in expert circles, in the area of development and manufacture of comfort shoes. Claudio Minder, Managing Director of Joya, describes the rapid business development: "When we set up our first office in our shared flat in 2008, nobody really believed that such curious shoes could be successful. Now Joya is a staple in the range of specialist shoe retailers." The two young entrepreneurs were recently awarded an impressive distinction in the area of comfortable "functional shoes". According to a representative survey by the German specialist magazine "markt intern", around 2,600 specialist shoe retailers found that Joya shoes are amongst the most comfortable in Germany. Joya’s ascent into first place has seen it overcome traditional brands including Ganter, FinnComfort, Mephisto, MBT, Waldläufer and others.

With the new rocker shoe, the company wants to gain a new customer sector in 2016. "We want to be the leading shoe specialist in the comfort sector, and we can definitely achieve this with the new technology," surmises Claudio Minder, who is particularly looking forward to the market launch of the new rocker sole in January 2016.

Company profile – Joya International AG

Founded in 2008 in Roggwil, Switzerland, the young Swiss company has already sold over 1.2 million comfort shoes in the past 6 years. The softest shoe in the world is available in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, USA, U.A.E, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Japan and Korea, amongst other places

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