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The new face of in-store retail


New research has revealed how in-store retail may evolve over the next four years, and identifying customer behavior is tipped to be at the forefront of new developments. The Retail Vision Survey 2017 has identified the key ways in which bricks-and-mortar retailers are planning to enliven their customers’ experience, engaging them in real time in a fight back against the rise of anonymous online shopping. 

Having questioned 550 retailers, global technology specialist Zebra found that a quarter of stores are planning to implement point-of-sale devices by 2021. Put simply, the new method of taking payment would allow members of staff to take payment anywhere in the store, speeding up the process of making a purchase, and increasing spontaneous purchasing decisions without a “checking out” process.

An even greater number of retailers are planning to identify when specific customers arrive in store, with a view to potentially customising their shopping experience in years to come. Over three quarters of the 550 firms surveyed revealed plans to implement alerts when customers already known to them visit their premises, potentially increasing the potential for add-on sales with personalised offers and purchasing advice. 

For those at the forefront of retail, the developments herald a potentially exciting new era whereby bricks-and-mortar business models can regain an advantage with enhanced in-store experiences. 

“Every inch of the retail industry is changing,” says Mark Thomson, retail and hospitality director at Zebra. “The 2017 Retail Vision Study demonstrates that retailers are poised to meet and exceed customer expectations with new levels of personalization, speed and convenience.”

What do you think? Would you implement such technology in your store, or is this one step too far when it comes to tracking your customers’ every move? Let us know via Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #ChangingRetail. 



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