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The joy of Joya


Having confirmed its return to Moda Footwear this week, Joya Shoes is focusing on revealing the benefits behind its unique footwear model. The global leader has perfected its construction over the past decade in a bid to realise its objective of becoming the world’s softest and most comfortable shoe. 

Now available in 21 countries worldwide, Joya has come a long way since its inception in 2006. Recognising that feet were not designed to walk on hard, flat surfaces, the Swiss design team behind Joya lodged a patent for soft, supportive footwear with a unique sole unit designed to alleviate pressure on the entire body. 

In 2011, a biomechanical study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology confirmed what Joya’s makers had known all along – there was a positive effect from wearing the shoes. Quite simply, the soft sole and the gentle, roll-out motion that is encouraged from its unique shape supports the feet and legs to help with back pain, knee strain and even foot problems such as fallen arches, splay foot and arthrosis. 

Simultaneously with creating shoes that benefitted the body however, Joya’s designers never lost sight of keeping abreast of trends. From the first prototype, the Joya concept evolved into a sandal, a ballerina pump, and even an outdoor, weather-resistant boot. 

Most recently, Joya has launched a US subsidiary, strengthening its global presence as the world’s softest shoe. 

“Our aim is to improve the market position of a shoe which sets new standards in the comfort shoe segment when it comes to walking sensation and health benefits for the human body,” says Karl Müller, who co-founded the brand alongside Claudio Minder. “We have identified that Joya appeals to consumers seeking to wear the shoes for health benefits, those with more high demands requiring a shoe that performs and those who are simply looking to enhance their wellbeing through comfortable, everyday footwear.”

Discover more about the Joya concept at Moda Footwear this season on the 6-8 August. 



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