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Rain spreading east


Newly-launched rainwear brand November Rain has announced that its Giving Back project is already well-underway, despite having only launched in November last year. The brand – which specialises in practical yet appealing rain ponchos that fold up into a tiny, seven inch packet – has revealed it has already funded a $3,000 hydroponic system in Northern Thailand, thanks to its permanent pledge of donating ten per cent of its revenue towards water projects. 

The first project to benefit from November Rain’s unique business model has been implemented at a children’s rescue mission to enable its owners to grow their own vegetables, and therefore sustain themselves. 

“I didn’t want to limit our resources to simply providing clean drinking water,” says November Rain’s founder Belinda Coker. “Water is often the main limiting factor in putting food on the table in developing countries, so funding irrigation projects is more beneficial in the longterm.”

The Australian designer is no stranger to creating beautiful out of something simple, and benefitting the world around us in the process. Coker has already pioneered the resuable bag movement with her Envirosax brand, which saw fold-up reusable bags in contemporary prints become a must-have fashion accessory for consumers worldwide. 

Her poncho project builds upon a similar ethos of applying fashion to something functional, while catering to a niche in the market with a wide relevance to a range of consumers. 

“It’s not easy being stuck in the rain, trying to open a car door while holding onto a little one’s hand and an umbrella,” says Coker, herself a mum of three. “Nor is it any fun getting caught in the rain after emerging from a salon wearing an expensive jacket, or carrying a beautiful handbag.”

A portable and practical poncho is a simple solution, offering a lot of protection from the elements at any time from its discrete and manageable seven inch, 1lb packet. From the festival goer to the yummy mummy; the boho traveller to the “ingenious gift for the difficult to buy for” sector, there’s plenty of scope for retailers who buy into the concept. 

The product itself widens the appeal further with its one-size-fits all design, and wide range of aesthetic and contemporary styles. For Coker, the potential is there to replicate the success of Envirosax, and to benefit projects worldwide with the clean water they really need. 

“After the success of Envirosax, I realized the importance of sharing the wealth created with those not so fortunate,” she says. “It’s not all about the money, it’s about creating something that people love with benefits that keep flowing to those in need.”

November Rain will showcase its range at Moda Woman this August. Discover more about the label ahead of the show here.



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