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Q&A: Tom Cridland


Having only sold directly to consumers up until now, revolutionary menswear brand Tom Cridland will break into wholesale this spring with its debut at Moda Gent. Here, the founder of the eponymous label reveals why it has enjoyed such phenomenal success since its launch. 

Why is everyone talking about Tom Cridland? 
We are the industry’s leading sustainable fashion brand, which makes luxury affordable. I started the brand with a government start-up loan just over three years ago, and now we are making clothes for high-profile celebrities and have been named as one of Fortune Magazine’s “Cool Companies”. 

Why has the brand resonated with menswear consumers to such an extent? 
Our range of wardrobe staples are so well-made that they are backed by our famous 30 year guarantee. I think there’s a real philosophy behind the brand to ‘buy better, buy less’, and that’s something that has struck a chord with retailers and consumers alike. 

What was your personal route into fashion? 
I was 18 when I sold nearly £3000 worth of t-shirts during one week at school, and I donated all the profits to humanitarian charity Médecins Sans Frontières. I went on to launch Tom Cridland, focusing solely on creating the perfect pair of trousers before developing this concept into a luxury vertical menswear brand which was soon picked up by the Guardian and the Evening Standard. The 30 Year Sweatshirt was developed in 2015, followed immediately by the 30 Year T-shirt and the brand has escalated from there. 

What has prompted your decision to branch out into wholesale?
We have been online only and direct to consumer up until now but – for the first time – we’re entering the physical retail market in search of stockists, and I can think of nowhere better than Moda Gent to do that. We’re looking to work with passionate, hard-working retailers who share our vision of invoking a bygone era where clothing was made with exquisite care. 

How do you envisage working with your stockists? 
We get more press and engagement for sustainable fashion than any other brand in the world, and we will be looking to bring our independent stockists on board with this. Big or small, we just want to partner with some great stockists to launch Tom Cridland into Bricks and Mortar retail. 

Read more about the Tom Cridland story here ahead of its launch at Moda Gent this season. 



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