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Q&A: Liz d’Esterre


20 October 2016

Fashion agent Liz d’Esterre has added Badoo (pictured left) to her stable for a/w 17, and will the latest collection alongside French label Aventures des Toiles (pictured right) this February. Here she reveals her plans for the new season and beyond. 

Q: Which brands are currently in your portfolio? 
A: I became the UK and Ireland agent for Aventures des Toiles commencing with the s/s 17 season, and am looking forward to representing Badoo for the UK from a/w 17. I am hoping to fully establish these two collections as major players in the UK fashion world, along with my other collections, Eva Kayan, Ariana and Paul Brial. I think that these collections can establish their own particular niche and success in this ever-evolving market.

Q: What prompted you to return to Moda with your new additions?
A: Moda gives retailers the chance to see their favourite and best-selling brands together under one roof. It provides a great showcase for brands to target their regular customers and new business, and also ensures that those retailers who do not come to London get the opportunity to see the collections that they would otherwise have missed. 

Q: Aventures des Toiles was new to the UK market for s/s 17 – what’s the label all about? 
A: The concept behind Aventures des Toiles is the creation of six lines of clothing per season inspired by six original paintings. The pret-a-porter brand is an open window to the imagination of the artist, brought to life by the brand’s own creative team. Sometimes just a single motif from an entire painting is drawn out from the work of art like a thread though a reel. Or it might be the colours that break free from the shackles of the form, invading the fabric to become a background. 

The introduction of this exciting and individual French, Burgundy-based brand received a great reaction from buyers who fully appreciated the brand’s newness and originality, creativity, quality and point of difference. It has been established for 15 years, with its flagship store in central Paris, and is now selling in 23 countries around the world.

Q: What about your latest addition Badoo? 
Badoo also launched at Moda in August and was received very enthusiastically by UK buyers who delighted in its innovative handwriting, style, quality and keen pricing. The story behind Badoo is one that covers over 20 years of dynamic growth in the Greek market. Based in Thessaloniki, it successfully represents an established brand which has been created to satisfy the needs and requirements of the modern and dynamic woman, putting emphasis on a woman's femininity and charm.  The design perspective, the proposals completeness, the use of excellent raw materials and the strict control at all production stages ensures a collection of the highest quality which has enabled Badoo to excel. The superbly crafted Badoo Collection appeals to a wide audience of fashion-conscious and discerning women, with its outstanding selection of styles and sizes ranging from 8 to 24.



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