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Q&A: Emu


Named after its resourceful national bird, Emu is one of Australia’s biggest exports, and it’s landing at Moda Footwear this February. European marketing manager Chantelle Carnelley reveals why the brand is set to take flight this season. 

Q: What’s the story behind Emu?
A: Emu is a 365 Ever Natural brand, specialising in innovative and comfortable premium footwear. It was established in 1994, born out of the coastal regions of South Australia in Geelong – the start of the Great Ocean Road – and has forged its own path to become a global label. 

Q: What sets Emu aside? 
A: Heritage, innovation and quality. Emu uses water resistance and water-proofing technology alongside the most premium materials, fusing style and practicality to embody the spirit of wanderlust in all that it does. 

Q: What inspired the Emu name? 
A: We chose Emu as a brand name to reflect our values. Emus stand tall and proud, they move forward at vast speed and don’t take a backward step. They’re also resourceful as well as being exceptionally fast. We aspire to be resourceful as a brand, and each element of our collection from the natural textures to the earthy colour palette embody the beauty of our origins and our connection to the landscape around us. 

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about your Ever Natural ethos? 
A: Nature is the greatest inventor, and we are just following her lead. We strive for natural style which thrives in the elements – hence our ongoing commitment to innovation – and we strive to live beyond fast fashion. 

Q: What are you hoping to achieve at Moda Footwear? 
A: We wanted to promote our fresh product and innovation on a national stage. Our aim is to reach out to new customers and to introduce them to Emu in a premium way. 

Q: What sort of presence does Emu already have in the UK? 
A: We have over 100 premium distribution points, as well as a very strong-performing website. We also have excellent partnerships with key bloggers and influences. 

Discover the Emu difference at Moda Footwear this season. If you can’t wait until 18-20 February, find out more about the brand ahead of the show here



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