5-7 August 2018, NEC Birmingham

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Q&A: Double H Agency


Now in its sixth season, Double H is a regular at Moda Gent, and the first stop for many menswear buyers seeking a curated edit of brands to watch. This season will see the agency return to the show with S4 Jackets, Club of Gents, Carlos Cordoba, Peter Montana and JT Ascott and, as marketing manager Marc Querol explains, each collection will be one of the most inspiring offers to date. 

Q: What’s Double H all about? 
A: Double H Agency was established in 2011 because we felt that no-one was doing a fashion agency focused on the menswear sector. We seek out the best European brands at trade shows such as Pitti Uomo, Panorama and CIFF and offer them the opportunity to launch in the UK & Ireland. We select the brands because they bring something different to the UK market, and we’re proud to say that we have previously launched Garcia Jeans, Eden Park and Blend. 

Q: Why is Moda Gent the right platform for you? 
A: Everyone knows that Moda is the main menswear show in UK, and that you need to save the date to be there. Our brands are always looking for new customers – as well as looking to maintain their relationships with the existing ones – and that’s possible for us thanks to Moda. It allows us to confirm our position season after season as a key agency in the UK & Ireland. 

Q: How do you select brands to add to your stable? 
A: We weigh up the quality, the price and the little details that make the collection stand out. With our extensive experience in the menswear sector, we are buying with eyes that can pick out the brands that will perform across the UK &Ireland. We currently have over 150 stockists in the UK and 50 in Ireland, and we are constantly opening new doors. 

Q: How has Double H Agency grown over the years? 
A: Business is developing well. It’s true that there are less doors these days but, at the same time, you have more e-commerce business emerging in the sector. The menswear sector is tough; when you visit a town you can find five fashion boutiques but just one menswear shop, so it isn't as easy as it once was. But the Double H portfolio takes some of the hard work out of buying. If the shops want to survive, they need to find something different in the market – it’s simply not possible to evolve a retail business if you have the same brands as every other shop. 

Q: How do you work with your stockists to support them? 
A: We try to take care of them like a part of the business. We help them if they have issues and we assist them with different marketing actions, such as hosting competitions. If there’s something that we can obtain from a brand to help them promote the collection in store, we will do all we can to arrange that. And of course, we offer as much access as we can to images and any other tools they need to sell the brands in store. 

Q: What are you hoping to achieve at this season’s Moda Gent? 
A: What are you hoping to achieve at the show this season? This season as always, we are trying to get new customers and keep consolidating our name as the unique Menswear Fashion Agency in the UK. It’s always a challenge because competition is growing, but we are a great team and we are sure that the offer that we have is unique.



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