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Padders patrol


24 October 2016

Comfort footwear specialist Padders has lent its support to volunteer aid organisation The National Police Aid Convoys. Founded by retired police inspector David Scott, the NPAC collects redundant equipment – including clothing, shoes and medical supplies – and distributes them around the world to developing countries and areas affected by disaster. 

Padders has committed to donating excess stock to the NPAC, most of which has been distributed throughout rural Africa, Pakistan, Nepal and to Syrian refugees in Europe. The NPAC however maximises the benefits of the charitable donations where appropriate by giving the shoes as part of an incentive for improved lifestyles. 

“Shoes take on a much bigger value in rural Africa,” says NPAC founder and chairman David Scott. “Frequently, Padders shoes are issued by teachers to encourage children to attend school, or by a nurse to encourage a mother to bring all of her children for medicals and inoculations. Padders shoes can actually make the difference between people staying at home, or travelling and getting an education.”

Established in 1914, Padders is a family-run business with its headquarters still in Northamptonshire town of Kettering. A regular exhibitor at Moda Footwear, the brand has established a reputation worldwide for its comfortable and stylish footwear designs for the whole family. 



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