18-20 February 2018, NEC Birmingham

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Meet the speakers: Ian Tomlinson


Over the next week, Moda will introduce each speaker as part of its Meet the Speakers series. Today, RetailStore’s CEO Ian Tomlinson tells how he will guide retailers through the ‘smoke and mirrors’ of retail technology towards the innovations that really work.

As retail technology experts go, Ian Tomlinson is somewhat more down to earth than his counterparts. In fact, he created his concept for Cloud EPoS on the back of a pizza napkin and, 15 years on, his innovation is still leading the way in its field. 

RetailStore gives retailers 100 per cent accurate and accessible information about all of their sales, stock, delivery and management in real time from any location. However, as much as such developments can revolutionise business and the customer experience, many retailers are simply alienated by retail technology, and miss out the opportunities that could benefit them. 

“My aim is to tell retailers what is important, and what’s just smoke and mirrors,” says Tomlinson. “I believe the true opportunity of Cloud has only just begun, and that retailers can be the winners in the game of digital disruption.”

During his seminar, Tomlinson will discuss the challenges the retail industry is facing, and how connecting to their consumer can truly give them the edge. As a recognised leader in the Cloud field, he has already helped hundreds of retailers of all sizes to deliver new customer experiences, and Moda is your chance to come on board. 

Find out more from Ian Tomlinson at 15.30 on Monday 19 February. 



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