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Male consumers need sizing guidance

28 August 2015

Men are becoming the worst offenders when it comes to buying the wrong sized garments – and independent retailers are the best-placed to guide them towards the correct sizing, according to new research.

Menswear brand and Moda Gent exhibitor Douglas & Grahame has revealed that men are increasingly stuck in a rut when it comes to sizing, quoting their vital statistics based on measurements taken in their youth. Refusing to deviate from a 15” collar or a 34” inch waist, male consumers are becoming increasingly disillusioned with online shopping, because garments are ill-fitting and have to be returned soon after purchase.

“Some men remain fixated with the numbers they have always quoted and it’s tough to tell them otherwise,” says sales director at Douglas & Grahame Anton Jenkins. “However, our stockists tell us that the key to getting something that looks good and fits well is to go back to basics and be properly measured before buying into a brand that suits.”

As the main preserve of the independent retailer, measuring and fitting is part of the service that gives independent stores the edge over multiples and online retailers. Sizing is increasingly an issue as the trend of cuts changes, with men feeling further confused by increasingly popular “slim fits”.

“People go off and buy different sizes – particularly over the internet – and end up buying suits that are several sizes too big for them just to get into them, which is very frustrating,” says Neil Warwick, owner of Warwick’s Menswear with stores throughout Northamptonshire. “It is the faithful fit of a suit that draws men back to a brand such as Douglas & Grahame, and a store like Warwicks where we won’t let you leave unless something fits your shape perfectly.”

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