18-20 February 2018, NEC Birmingham

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Ever wondered how far brands travel to show at Moda Footwear? Take a look at the origins of some of this season’s key players, and prepare to travel the fashion globe this autumn / winter season. 

Rieker shoesFounded in Germany’s beautiful Black Forest region over 140 years ago, Rieker remains a family-owned firm to this day. The brand has become household name across Europe thanks to lightweight construction and unique “antistress” features. Stand C10. 


Pinoso's shoesPinoso’s made its Moda debut last season, arriving from the traditional Spanish town of Pinoso on the Alicante / Murcia border. The brand proudly produces everything in Spain in line with traditional craftsmanship practices, offering a range of high quality leather shoes and a specific line of diabetic footwear. Stand C2.



Emu AustraliaEmu Australia is fiercely proud of its heritage, from the namesake of the Australia’s national bird through to its ongoing commitment to using only locally-sourced materials. The brand is recognised on a global scale with a presence in over 70 countries, and is characterised by its brand pillars; Natural, Innovative, Comfort, Enduring, Boundless. Stand H35



FroddoChildren’s footwear specialist Froddo is produced in the small Croatian town of Ivancek, surrounded by lakes and mountains. With over 70 years of heritage, the brand is an important employer for the local area and has a strong sense of responsibility, working hard to support the local community and focussing on protecting the environment. Stand H41.

Yull FootwearYull is almost unique as a British producer of women’s footwear. The brand defied the odds to create a homegrown label from its London studio, and has become renowned for its quirky style and quintessentially British designs. Stand A5. 




LegeroIn recognition of Austria’s rich history with regards to music, art and architecture, LEGeRO aims to offer women a cosmopolitan mix of styles for work, travel and relaxing. The brand specialises in comfortable footwear, and has become a staple for retailers and consumers worldwide. Stand I20. 


GeoxTo this day, Geox is still based upon the revolutionary creation of its founder Mario Moretti Polegato and his unique “breathing shoe”.  Having pierced the rubber soles of his shoes to allow his feet to breathe, the Italian innovator sparked a global brand that has developed into a full, lifestyle concept, and is still produced within the vicinity of the Polegato family vineyard. Stand P10. 



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