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Dressed up for the occasion


Leading occasionwear label Irresistible celebrates ten years this year with a return to Moda Noir and the launch of a spectacular s/s 18 collection. Sales manager Avril Forbes reveals why the brand has become such a favourite amongst womenswear buyers, and how the Veromia portfolio has expanded over the years to offer the perfect style for every occasion. 

A regular at Moda Noir, the Veromia portfolio is unrivalled when it comes to dressing up. Originally established as a purveyor of fairytale bridal gowns, the fashion house diversified into occasionwear with the launch of Irresistible in 2007. Ten years on, it’s hard to imagine the landscape of the sector without Veromia’s elegant offer special occasionwear. 

“A decade on from its launch, Irresistible is one of the top-selling occasionwear brands in the UK,” says Avril Forbes, sales manager for the Veromia portfolio. “The brand is characterised by amazing dresses that are cut to flatter and made in fabulous fabrics that suit the modern woman.”

The launch of Irresistible was so well-received that Veromia soon made another foray into the occasionwear niche with the introduction of Dress Code. Specifically targeting the mother of the bride consumer, the brand soon became known within its own right as a key player in the eveningwear market. 

“I think Dress Code has been successful because it takes retailers and consumers back to the age of elegance,” says Forbes. “The hallmarks of the collection are beautifully-cut dresses and coats, ultra-feminine shapes, exquisite fabrics and pretty embellishment, all brought together in a soft and wearable colour palette.”

There was one neglected demographic however that was yet to benefit from the magic of a Veromia design. Recognising the growing importance of creating dazzling occasionwear for all shapes and sizes, those at the helm of the Veromia set-up introduced Dressed Up in 2014, specifically targeting the plus size consumer. 

The ambitious leap from standard sizing to a collection that went up to a size 28 meant adapting the glamorous styling for which Veromia was renowned, while incorporating a new appeal to different consumer. 

“When Dressed Up arrived on the scene, the focus was clever designs to enhance the curves with clever draping and pleating in our signature beautiful fabrics,” says Forbes. “Three years on, it has become the ultimate collection for the curvy lady, and represents a dedicated collection for a growing market.”

With three strong collections blossoming within a niche of their own, the Veromia portfolio was almost complete. Designers however felt that – in line with their commitment to evolving alongside the ever-changing occasionwear sector - there was perhaps one more opportunity to adapt the signature Veromia magic. 

Veromia Occasions (pictured) launched in 2015 as the newest kid on the block, targeting the younger, fun-loving demographic with dresses fit for the races, weddings and beyond. 

“Veromia Occasions is all about fun, pretty and feminine dresses for all occasions and the prices are unbelievable value for money,” says Forbes. “We launched the brand at Moda Noir because it was the right show for our product, and we will be back this summer with new designs across all four collections. 

“Moda Noir is the only show for occasionwear,” she continues. “This season we are looking forward to expanding our customer base, as well as welcoming our existing clientele back to each of our collections.”

Discover Irresistible, Dress Code, Dressed Up and Veromia Occasions at Moda Noir on 6-8 August this season. Full details about each collection can be found here 



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