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Anyone for Bensimon?


Iconic tennis shoe Bensimon serves up its collection at Moda Footwear this season, making its debut as part of a wider strategy to reach its full market potential. UK brand manager Julien Doncker reveals why the French heritage label is set to conquer the industry game, set and match. 

According to Julien Doncker, there is one reason why Bensimon is set to shine at this season’s Moda Footwear. “Bensimon is the most authentic, simple and affordable luxury shoe in the world,” he says. “The brand’s entire mission statement is that luxury can be simple, timeless, affordable and honest, and that is what sets the brand apart from all others.”

It’s the reason that London Fashion Agency Egomark took the brand on in May, representing Bensimon in the UK as of s/s 18. And one of the first ports of call for the agency was to sign Bensimon up for Moda Footwear, as part of a wider strategy to truly reach the brand’s potential across the UK and further afield. 

“We have heard that Moda Footwear is good to develop the business across England, Ireland Scotland and Wales,” says Doncker. “Bensimon is a great heritage brand with a lot of history behind it, and we don’t feel there is anything comparable currently in the UK. There is a definite opportunity to make this brand stronger in the market, and we are keen to relaly grow the presence of the brand and to develop customer awareness of these beautiful products.”

Inspired by the surplus army canvas sneakers worn by the French army, Bensimon has roots stretching back to the 1970s. The iconic tennis shoe was founded in Paris by the Bensimon brothers Serge and Yves, and was soon adopted by the fashion community to become a wardrobe staple for women. 

“The beauty of Bensimon is that it doesn’t have a particular consumer,” says Doncker. “It touches all generations from the youngest to the oldest. It is a very clean shoe which can be worn casually with jeans or dressed up for more formal occasions with a suit or a dress.”

Although Bensimon has its sights firmly set on the UK market with its arrival at Moda Footwear, the brand is already renowned the world over. With a presence right across Asia, the US, Australia and South Africa as well as Europe, Bensimon is a global force with its identity still firmly rooted in its Parisian heritage. 

“Retailers will have the opportunity to take a fresh look at Bensimon this Moda,” says Doncker. “It’s a classy and fun French brand that offers quality and affordable product with the right French touch at the heart of everything it does.”

Find out more at Moda Footwear this season on 18-20 February. 



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